Nissan Explains the new Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Here at Ron Sayer Nissan we know that one of the biggest things that will bring down your vehicle's overall gas mileage is under-inflated tires. When the tires on your car aren't inflated to the proper psi, they don't grip the road in the way they were intended, which can increase the friction and make your engine have to work harder. That is why it is important to always know your wheels have the right amount of air inside.

Of course filling up your tires can be stressful as most people have a fear of one rupturing with a loud bang. To combat this, Nissan is building models like the 2013 Sentra with a special Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This system tells drivers when one of the tires is low on air, and helps you know when you have added the right amount of air by flashing the hazard lights.

Check out the whole system in action in this video:

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