Did you know the first Electric Vehicle was made by Nisssan in 1947

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The technologically advanced Nissan LEAF EV just announced its best-ever sales month since it was initially released. Although this truth is a sign of Nissan’s capability to lead the pack regarding EV innovation, it does not tell the entire story. Fortunately, there’s a little history that backs up these claims.The thing is, you have to go back to 1947, aircraft manufacturers, Tachikawa Plane, (which later grew to become Prince Motor and merged with Nissan) built the Tama EV. This famous model can be viewed as a bit of the precursor towards the LEAF, but was built from need, rather than as a green option.Recovering from the gasoline deficits Japan experienced throughout World War 2, along with the allied forces determining the allotment of fuel after the war, motorists needed a car that that wasn’t reliant on gasoline. Therefore, engineers had the sensible idea to design an electric engine that could take advantage of the accessible energy from mountain region power plants. Built from wood and blanketed in steel, the little Tama EV provided a 66-mile driving range, on a single charge, and maxed out at a turtle-esque speed of 22 mph. However, considering it had been the ’40s, the fact that they even built a working electric vehicle was quite remarkable.An especially noteworthy part of the Tama EV is its rounded appearance much like modern autos and particularly individuals produced in the states. The simple fact that the Tama EV did not have the traditional boxy front-finish of other automobiles of that era is was due to the influence from aeronautics.Not too long ago, Nissan restored the Tama EV to be able to provide us with  an opportunity to comprehend the rich history of the all-electric market. If you want to experience Nissan innovation, we urge you see for yourself the popular Leaf. You can find Ron Sayer Nissan and our whole selection of new Nissan and used vehicles car dealership located at 1175 N. Woodruff Ave, Idaho Falls, ID 83401.
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