Nissan Introduces Innovative Concepts at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

November 25th, 2013 by

The 42rd Tokyo Motor Show is up and running right now, and it will continue through Dec. 1. That said, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. shared an overview of its exhibit which includes several new concept cars which we have the pleasure of sharing with you today.

  • Nissan BladeGlider: This EV is unlike any we’ve seen before. Super aerodynamic, this vehicle has a narrow front track and a wide rear. The triangular three-seat BladeGlider gives the occupants the feeling that they are “gliding” rather than simply driving. It looks pretty futuristic, but Nissan says that it will have components like the Nissan LEAF, so it’s a “prototype of an upcoming vehicle,” according to Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn.1Speaking of the LEAF, another concept car on display is the Nissan LEAF Aero Style. It’s a makeover of the current LEAF which is slated to hit the Japanese market this December.e-NV200: Staying on the EV track (seeing a trend?), this electric van is the Japanese automaker’s second global EV. It still offers the same spaciousness and utility sought after in commercial vehicles, but the increased efficiency serves as an important selling point from a business perspective. This vehicle is slated for Japan in fiscal year 2014.
  • Autonomous Drive: Nissan’s setting the bar for 2020 that it will have autonomous vehicles available for consumers at an affordable price to increase safety on the roads.

These are just a handful of the concept cars Nissan has on display, and if you’d like to catch the rest, follow USTREAM:

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