Nissan to Assist in Japanese Charging Infrastructure Development

August 8th, 2013 by

Sometimes well-known adversaries are known to join forces in support of a greater cause and become unlikely allies.

Such is the case for Nissan and some of its Japanese automaker competitors. Specifically, Nissan with help from the three others and the Japanese government, are working together to help develop and expand the charging infrastructure throughout the island nation.

Even more specifically, the team hopes to increase the current charging ports available (1,700 quick and 3,000 normal chargers) by 4,000 and 8,000 units, respectively.

The development will cost around 100.5 billion yen to complete, and the Japanese government hopes will provide more incentive for drivers to consider EVs, PHEVs and PHVs (electric, plug-in electric hybrids and plug-in hybrid vehicles) over traditionally gas-powered models.

As it stands, there are three ways to successfully charge an electric-powered vehicle:

  • Basic charging (at private residences)
  • Destination charging (at shopping malls, DIY stores, family restaurants)
  • En-route charging (roadside service areas, gas stations, convenience stores, etc.)

The latter two charging options could utilize either normal or quick chargers, though normal ones would be better for extended stops only. The at-home charging would benefit from normal charges as there would likely be the time to let the vehicle fully charge.

As for the hybrid vehicles (PHEVs / PHVs) there would also be much benefit with an enhanced charging network as it would allow the autos to run in their all-electric modes for longer portions of the trips.

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