Nissan’s Automatic Headlights Can Keep you Safe and Out of Trouble

July 4th, 2013 by

Turning on your headlights in rainy or foggy conditions isn’t just a courtesy to other drivers but is actually a legal mandate in several states (30, to be precise).

However, having to turn on your headlights, manually, is often overlooked or forgotten about unless it’s dark enough for the act to be visually necessary.

Which is why, this, in addition to its devoted commitment to safety, is one of the reasons Japanese automaker, Nissan, has created its new, enhanced “Smart Auto Headlights.” And, they’re unlike anything you or we’ve seen.


Well, you see, typical automatic headlights take light cues to determine when and if the headlamps should be turned on; but, Nissan’s Smart Auto  Headlights do more than just that. They not only respond to outside light conditions but also to the weather by coming on, automatically, after the wipers have gone through four complete cycles.

Nissan’s sophisticated automatic headlight and taillight system are not only a great idea for keeping drivers safe, but also for avoiding a ticket in the aforementioned 30 states in which there are strict headlight laws.

Currently, there are several new Nissan models which already feature Smart Auto Headlights. They include the Nissan Altima, Pathfinder and Quest minivan. The Nissan Sentra also offers Smart Auto Headlights as an option with the SV Driver Package, SR Driver Package and are standard for the SL model Sentra.

If you’re interested in learning more about Nissan’s Smart Auto Headlights or other innovative safety features from the brand, we invite you to visit Ron Sayer Nissan at 1175 N. Woodruff Ave in Idaho Falls, ID, anytime for more information.
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