Soon You can get the Nissan Versa in 8 Different Colors

March 4th, 2013 by

The color of what you drive can be a window into your personality. And since everyone’s personality differs very slightly, Nissan knows to provide its automobiles in an array of color options. To illustrate our point the 2014 Nissan Versa Note, which car shoppers in the Idaho Falls area will be able to purchase this summer.

Nissan plans to provide a total of eight car color choices for the Versa Note, and whichever color is chosen can add something quite distinct when it comes to the hatchback. For example? Here is a glance at the colors available:

  1. Aspen White: Clean, classy, graceful. If you are searching for something well balanced, this is it.
  2. Brilliant Silver: With this color the curves of the car really jump out at you.
  3. Magnetic Grey: Depending on the light, and which wa you look at it you never quite see the same thing twice.
  4. Super Black: If sharp is exactly what you are after, your search is over.
  5. Red-colored Brick: If you value contrast, you will love the way in which this color option makes the black black accents stick out.
  6. Metallic Peacock: Probably the most non-traditional color offered, this will certainly grab some attention.
  7. Metallic Blue: This color is alot of fun and also very energetic.
  8. MorningSky Blue: If you crave relaxtion than the the search is over with this color.

Obviously, words are only able to describe just a little bit. If you are thinking about seeing these colors close up, our new Nissan experts will gladly exhibit the variety of colors when the Versa Note gets to 1175 N. Woodruff Ave. in Idaho Falls, ID in the summer time. We’d also love to help you learn how to jumpstart a car or compare the Nissan Rogue vs. Nissan Murano today.

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